MVP Volleyball, in partnership with the Mountain Volleyball Club, introduced a unique program to support the leadership interests of volleyball athletes; the Mountain Volleyball Coaching Certification Program (MVCCP). The program is aimed at teaching passionate young volleyball athletes to become community and eventually club coaches. Modelled after the National Coaching Certification Program, MVCCP candidates develop a portfolio that has technical (volleyball), theoretical (teaching and learning) and practical (on court) aspects of coaching.

Perfect for new coaches

Prepares new coaches to:

  • Create safe games where young athletes can practice Fundamental Movement Skills

  • Apply a six step teaching process to fundamental movement skills

  • Model responsible behaviour in a leadership role

  • Apply NCCP Values in their coaching decision making.

It’s practical!

New coaches have the opportunity to apply their skills in practical ways by acting as assistant coaches in various MVP Programs including; MVP House Leagues, MVP Summer Camps and VolleyTotz

lifelong coaching opportunities

Graduation from this program will provide entry level experience and background for NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills, Competition A and Volleyball Level I courses sanctioned by the Coaches Association of Canada